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New upgrade version: 2.1.0
Version 2.1.0 is a new feature upgrade
NOW, 100% responsive layout.
Upgrade strongly recommended!

Google Calendar Feed Scroller is a jQuery module that pulls your public personal or group Google Calendar events and display them in your Joomla 3.x website. Google Calendar Feed Scroller is feature & option rich giving you total control over display & styling. Google Calendar Feed Scroller is 100% responsive layout for all smartphones, tablets or monitor displays. No more will the Event Title or description get 'cut-off' because of module position size or size of your display! You can still have as many different calendars on a single Joomla! page as you need. Each pulling it's own events data and custom styling. Google Calendar Feed Scroller is using the latest API (version 3.0) requirements set by Google and until they change it, you'll be able to use Google Calendar Feed Scroller worry free. Oh, did I mention...

"Google Calendar Feed Scroller is 100% FREE to use, abuse and enjoy!"

General Settings:
Language Pack: Enter the Language Pack file name (without the .js extension) you wish to use. See Language Pack instructions below (New with v2.0.5)
Force language pack? Yes/No. If Yes is selected, your selected 'Language Pack' will be forced across all browsers and regardless of visitor IP address. Populate 'Language Code' is required if Yes.
Language Code: Default is 'null'. Enter the abbreviated language code to force assigned language. In the language pack filename, use the language abbreviated between the ending periods. Example: if you were to use the Czech language pack (globalize.culture.cs-CZ.js) your Language Code would be cs-CZ.

Calendar Title: Enter the name of your calendar
Google Calendar ID: Enter your Google Calendar ID (you will find this within your Google Calendar URL)
Number of events to show: Enter the number of calendar events you wish to show
Auto scroll events?: Select to auto scroll your calendar events
Scroll Speed: Enter a speed value that your events will scroll
Container width: Enter a container width in either pixel or percentage
Container height: Enter a container height in pixel
Link event title: Select to link an event back to Google Calendar
Open event link in: Select to open linked event in a New Window of Same Window
Select date format: Select the date format you wish to show
Select date separator: Select the date separator you wish to show
Leading day stamp format: Select the option you wish to show (New with v2.0.5)
Day of month format: Select the option you wish to show (New with v2.0.5)
Month format: Select the option you wish to show (New with v2.0.5)
Year format: Select the option you wish to show (New with v2.0.5)
Select time format: Select the option you wish to show (New with v2.0.5)
Show AM PM after time?: Yes/No option (New with v2.0.5)
Text to show if no events: Enter a statement that will display if no calendar events are available

General Styling:
Change the default settings to customize your Google Calendar Feed Scroller to match your website styles. With the release of v2.0.5 there are several new options within this tab.

New options with v2.0.8:
  Bug Fix: Bold strike date/time stamp? Yes/No option (v2.0.8)
  Bug Fix: Line break after date/time? Yes/No option. This will allow the Google Calendar Event title to be on it's own line (v2.0.8)
  Now using the Joomla! native RGB Color Picker (v2.0.8)
  General code updating & housekeeping specific to the international Language Packs (v2.0.8)

Language Pack Usage:
With version 2.0.5 there is an additional download link called, 'Language Pack' available to you. First, download this ZIP file to your local computer and unZIP to a folder of your choice. Find the .js language file that best meets your needs and FTP this file to the following folder on your server;
Once uploaded, copy this filename (DO NOT COPY THE .js EXTENSION NAME) and replace the default English filename in the Language Pack module option. Whenever you make changes to the default module settings make 100% sure to SAVE these settings. The Language Pack assists Google Calendar Feed Scroller by adjusting the 'Date & Time' stamp language to the Language Pack you are using. This feature is considered beta but our tests show that it works!

CLICK HERE to download (PDF) instructions on obtaining your own Google API key

Current release: 2.1.0
Upgrade release: v2.0.9a
Upgrade release: v2.0.9
Upgrade release: v2.0.8

Upgrade release: v2.0.7
Upgrade release: v2.0.6

Upgrade release: v2.0.5

Upgrade release: v2.0.1
Initial release: v1.9.5

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