If you are currently using my Facebook Fan Page v5 extension, you have already received an email from Facebook announcing that their API v2.2 will reach its end-of-life on March 27, 2017. So, what does that mean and how does it effect you?

It means that Facebook Fan Page v5 will no longer work since it is not compatible with Facebook’s newest API v2.8. If you choose not to upgrade to the latest release of Facebook Fan Page v6, your current install will stop working. Since the latest upgrade to v6 is currently available to download for FREE, there is no reason not to upgrade.

With this newest upgrade, the entire code has been re-worked to support Facebook’s API v2.8 and many of the latest Joomla 3 advancements. By just installing this upgrade your current Facebook App ID & Access Token configuration will work. That is until March 27, 2017! You are required to upgrade these two Facebook settings in order for Facebook Fan Page v6 to continue to function past March 27th.

Obtaining these new settings is the same way you originally obtained them. With one small exception… you can’t UPGRADE an existing registered Facebook App. You will be required to register a NEW Facebook App that will allow you to generate the Facebook API v2.8 App ID and a new Access Token key. Once you have obtained these new REQUIRED settings, copy/paste them into Facebook Fan Page v6 and you’ll be good to go! OH, one small exception… as I mentioned above, all of the core code is brand new. You will want to go through all the available module settings and customize your version of Facebook Fan Page.

With this new upgrade, I have re-opened the support option of this Joomla 3 module. Now remember, Facebook Fan Page v6 will not work, out-of-the-box. You are required to obtain your own Facebook API keys before anything will work. If you ring my support door bell and I find out that your API keys are incorrect, you will get a pleasant reply from me stating your settings are wrong. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Facebook API v2.8 keys are correct not mine or this module.

A great deal of time and effort has gone into this FREE module & upgrade. It will work with the correct Facebook API v2.8 settings and is currently being used on countless Joomla 3 production sites. Please, if you are unwilling to invest the required time it will take to correctly obtain your own Facebook API v2.8 keys than uninstall Facebook Fan Page and move on!

Do you have a Joomla! module that you would like to only show to your phone visitors? Or, want to show a module across all devices but having different content per device? With Jooma! 3 and it's pre-loaded 'Bootstrap' code, this is a very easy task to do. Look over the grid below, find a Bootstrap class you would like to use and copy/paste the class into your module's 'Module Class Suffix' box (under the Advance Tab) and go about your business! You can have more that one of these classes active within the same module as well. Just separate the classes with a space. Now, for some older templates you might need to add a space in front of the very first class. This is a template by template thing so you'll have to play around a little. This is a really cool and simple way to take total control over what shows and what needs to be hidden, by device, on your website!

Responsive utility classes

For faster mobile-friendly development, use these 'Module Class Suffix' classes for showing and hiding module content by device. Below is a table of the available classes and their effect on a given media query layout (labeled by device).

767px and below
979px to 768px
Visible Visible
Visible Visible
Visible Visible

KEY: Green boxes indicate that class is visible in your current viewport.

Typing any of these classes into your module's 'Module Class Suffix' box (under the Advanced tab) will allow you to show/hide that specific module based on what device is viewing the module page.

Source: http://getbootstrap.com/2.3.2/scaffolding.html

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If you need or want a pop-up window to show up on your website when a visitor checks into your site... check out PopUp Aholic. It is a feature rich Joomla 3.x module loaded with options to customize your personalized page pop-up to your demanding needs. If you have a need for this type of module, download PopUp Aholic and see for yourself. PopUp Aholic is 100% FREE to download, use and abuse!

Gage B asks "I have a need for this extension but it's no where to be found on the Joomla Extension Directory. Why? I happened to stumble upon it while downloading another extension or yours"
ANSWER: PopUp Aholic was submitted to the Joomla Extension Directory on December 13, 2016. Now the last time I checked my calendar, it's mid January 2017 and still the editors of JED have not approved this extension nor have they responded to my Developer Ticket or Joomla Forum posting. So, since the JED Editors have not replied to me, I can not reply to your question other than to say... ASK THEM! It is without a doubt very madding to submit a Joomla extension and have it sit 'Pending Approval' for almost 2 months with absolutly no responce or reply from the JED Editors. What is equally madding is their 'untouchable code of slience'. I understand people get busy, things slip through the cracks or "Hay Ed, we believe you're an ass so we'll just take our time with this approval and there is nothing you can do about it..." I can better understand all these reasons with a simple Developer Ticket reply, a reply to my Joomla forum post, Twitter posts, or Facebook post. But to date, not a peep from the JED Editors. Sorry Gage! Please download PopUp Aholic and use away. As always, if you have any issues or suggections shoot me an Email and together we'll make it happen.

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help desk tech support

GraphicAholic is now offering limited Email support for all my available extension. For a number of years I have not offered or provided direct public support for any of GraphicAholic’s Joomla extensions. That is not to say, "I never give support". It is to say, if someone took the time to seek me out, they got my undivided help! Please understand… support is very time consuming and expensive! I spend hundreds of hours building a Joomla extension, offering many for free and full-time support just did not fit into my timeline demands. When I did do full-time support for my extensions I found myself re-building or re-coding a large number of Joomla sites because of another installed poorly written extension or template.

Believe me, I’m not the world’s greatest Joomla programmer… far from it. With this I make 100% sure ALL my extensions follow the Joomla rule book! I do not nor will not write code to by-pass Joomla’s rules just to make an extension work. I do not nor will not break Joomla's core code with overrides or exotic scripts just because… Joomla's developers have and will continue to lay-down policies and guidelines on what extension and template developers should and should not do regarding their code construction. Why should I attempt to re-write their rules because I'm too lazy to do it the 'right way'.

Having said this, my 'Support Desk' is now open for business again with a few of MY guidelines needing to be followed. They are;

  1. Do your homework first before knocking on my door. Follow the 'proper' Joomla instructions on installing and using a module and my extension instructions. Still does not work, then send an Email.
  2. If my extension is not doing what you want it to do or need specific to your Joomla install, send an Email as a suggestion not a demand!
  3. If my extension won’t work with your Joomla configuration, use the native Joomla frontend template with only my extension active on it as a new menu option. If it's still not working, send me an Email. When you send an Email specific to this issue, make sure to keep this menu set-up active so I can do some research.
  4. If you are not willing to do some of your own homework before or after sending me an Email and looking (hoping) that I'll fix your installation problem, please UNINSTALL my extension and we'll part friends.


The long and short of this, I’m here to help you get my extension up and running on your install providing we have a clear understanding what the deal is. All my extensions are FREE and I value my available time, as do you. A great deal of time goes into developing, testing and re-testing many different Joomla configurations with my extensions. However, many of my extensions are what they are today because users like you took the time to seek me out and offer suggestions. So, shoot me your Email and let’s get to work!

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Ed Hathaway

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With the release of WeatherAholic v1.3.5, a host of brand new features and options are packaged into this weather display/forecasting Joomla 3 module. The best part, WeatherAholic v1.3.5 is still 100% totally FREE! So lets get under the bonnet and see what WeatherAholic has to offer...

First, all the original features & options found in the initial release (v1.1.0) are still available with one exception... they are better! Better to use, manage and customize. In addition, WeatherAholic v1.3.5 has been through an extensive series testing to elimate those nagging pesky bugs that keep cropping up. Is this to say WeatherAholic is completely bug free? NO! It is to say that all KNOWN bugs have been addressed and fixed. If you encounter an issue or bug, please YELL at me (but not to loud...) so I can address your issues. There are some known ISSUES with WeatherAholic that only the two weather sources being used (Yahoo or Open Weather) can fix, if they choose to!  I have found that Yahoo Weather does not always know the correct sunrise/senset time and with some locations part of the reporting times are chopped off. Both Yahoo Weather and Open Weather feeds are not always 100% correct with their reporting. They can be two to three degrees off with their current and forecasted temptures compared to your local weather channel. But hey, what's a few degrees among friends!

WeatherAholic v1.3.5 has about 10 new options not found in earlier releases. Quite frankly, WeatherAholic v1.3.5 offers far more then 10 new options compared to it's commercial counterparts. That has to leave you asking, WHY? Why would a FREE Joomla 3 extension offer more features than it's commercial counterpart? Good question to ask them if you made the purchased. With this in mind, if all of WeatherAholic's new features start to show up in those commercial release, well, we know where they came from! (#justsaying) Two key upgrades, 1) the ability to independently set the days of the weeks forecast language to your native tongue and have different days of the week languages on duplicate WeatherAholic modules on the same page (thanks to Robert Went for helping code this option). 2) the 12 or 24 hour timestamp you can select from. Add this to an array of other new features and WeatherAholic has to be your only Joomla 3 weather extension choice. It's up to you... buy a Joomla 3 weather extension from a commercial vendor or download and use a feature rich FREE extension from GraphicAholic. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain! Oh, there is a fee associated with WeatherAholic (ok, here comes the catch...). All I ask in exchange is your personal review on WeatherAholic's JED page to let everyone know your feelings about this extension and how you use WeatherAholic on your website. Fair trade!

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Ed Hathaway

amateur photographer, artist, programmer & athlete.
professional husband, dad and friend!

For the past week or so I've had the incredible opportunity to test-drive Joomla Bamboo's latest template package called Build.r. I'm calling this a template package because with Build.r you are not getting just a single theme with only a few color variations or design layouts that we have come to expect from our Joomla theme providers... You are getting a complete Joomla 'building block' template package loaded with features, options and variety!

For starters, Build.r comes prepackaged with not one, two or three different template designs but seven totally different, totally unique and totally creative design layouts. All offering their own separate design features giving you all the Joomla template building blocks you'll ever need or want to create your client's one of a kind website. Gone will be the days when your Joomla installation had multiple installed templates because one layout just did not meet your specific needs. With Joomla Bamboo's Build.r template package you can mix and match any or all of the seven different prepackaged themes. Oh, need I mention that by using Build.r as your base template, switching between the different prepackaged themes is as easy as clicking a few buttons. The best part is, no module positions to change since Build.r is built on Joomla Bamboo's latest Zen Grid Framework v4 and with this, all of your modules can share positions between the different prepackages themes. What a time saver this alone will be!

If you have been around the Joomla Bamboo family of templates the names of the seven different template designs will sound familiar; Base4, Koan, Responsive, Revision, Standard, Xero and Zenbase. All or these excellent themes have been offered as individual templates by Joomla Bamboo and now they all live in a single package called Build.r. If you are into music but hate buying an artists latest CD just for one or two songs generally you'll wait for their greatest hits release. Build.r is (in my option), Joomla Bamboo's 'Greatest Hits' template package!

If you needed or wanted all of these individual themes installed into a single Joomla installation you would be adding megabytes upon megabytes of data to your website. Because all these themes are prepackages and share a great deal of common code, the overhead becomes a much smaller data footprint. And as mentioned above, the time you save from not having to reassign all your module positions is a major advantage.

Probably the biggest news about Joomla Bamboo's Build.r theme package will be the release of their latest Zen Grid Framework v4. I'm not going to spend a great deal of time detailing what is new under the hood (I'll leave that to the experts...) other then to say, WOW! The many changes and ease of use you'll experience are quite impressive. The biggest change and improvement is the framework's Layout tab. Every conceivable layout feature and option has been well planned out with the end-user in mind. When you bring together an impressive newly coded framework with seven unique theme designs all in one package, Joomla Bamboo's Build.r will set new Joomla template standards. But, that should not come to a surprise. Joomla Bamboo has been setting Joomla template standards for many years past and now into the future.

Once Build.r is officially released, take a hard look at what you'll be getting. Seven totally unique templates wrapped into one tight package. With other template providers you would have to wait seven long months to get what Build.r will give you in one single release. Impressive!

Ed Hathaway
amateur photographer, artist, programmer & athlete.
professional husband, dad and friend!