Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page Upgrade!

FacebookFanPage HeaderVERSION 5.1.0 (Joomla 3.2.4+ & 2.5) NEW UPGRADE. This release fixes all know issues when rendering the latest Facebook API requirements.

Facebook Fan Page is a Joomla module that will display any public access Facebook Fan Page on your Joomla 2.5 or 3.2.4+ website.  You can customize Facebook Fan Page to your website's demanding look and feel using any or all of the module options Facebook Fan Page gives you...

You work hard getting visitors to your website. Don’t keep sending them to Facebook... instead, bring your FanPage to them with Facebook Fan Page!

PLEASE NOTE: This module will not display a 'personal' Facebook page... just a public access FAN PAGE!

Facebook Fan Page v5.1.0 release:
This release (v5.1.0) fixes all of the module's past issues when rendering the latest Facebook API requirements. PLEASE UPGRADE!

Required Settings:

  • Facebook Fanpage URL name: Enter the 'Public Facebook Fanpage' you wish to display
  • Facebook Application ID: Enter your Facebook Application ID here (Instructions)
  • Select Facebook ID Option: Enter your Facebook Secret ID or Access Token here (see TROUBLESHOOTING below for explantation)
  • Display width percentages: Enter the width percentage you want to use (default = 100%)
  • Individual posts width: Enter a value to either increase or decrease the overall width of each post. Using a smaller value will allow more posts to show across a single row
  • Number of posts to display: Enter the number of posts to show on page load
  • Maximum image attachments: Value entered will display additional photos associated with a specific post
  • Spacing between posts: Enter a value to either increase or descrease the amount of space between posts
  • Otter margins: Enter a value to either increase or decrease the amount of outside margin spacing between your posts and your website
  • Use dropdown for tabs?: If No, tabs will be used for your page menu. If Yes, a dropdown menu will be used
  • Default tab on page load: Use 'p' for posts, 't' for tags, 'l' for albums or 'a1' for first album, 'a2' for second album... and so on
  • Show Likes-Comments count in Posts: Display Likes and Comments count for Posts?
  • Show Likes-Comments count in Tags: Display Likes and Comments count for Tags?
  • Number of Comments-Likes to show: Maximum number of Comments or Likes to display in one load
  • Render popup or links on click?: Popup will display images, videos etc. in a popup box. Link will redirect the users to Facebook Page
  • Bottom Margin: Enter a pixel value if needed


  • Default styling: This will use the applications default CSS settings.
  • Custom styling: When selected a host of styling options will become available to you. Here you will be able to custom style your Facebook Fan Page to match your website.

Facebook albums:

  • Here you will be able to enter a specific Facebook album URL to display an album. This feature allows you to include up to five (5) Facebook albums.

Advanced Settings (Joomla 2.5 Only)

  • Choose to load the jQuery Library script if it is not already loaded. The jQuery Library is REQUIRED for Facebook Fan Page to work.

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