Facebook Fan Page

NOTE: There is a new issue with this extension's supporting jQuery script and how Facebook allows Fan Pages to get rendered. It is being worked on and hoping an upgrade will be available soon. Sorry!

FacebookFanPage HeaderFacebook Fan Page is a Joomla module that will display any public access Facebook Fan Page on your Joomla 2.5 or 3.x website.  You can customize Facebook Fan Page to your website's demanding look and feel using any or all of the module options Facebook Fan Page gives you...

PLEASE NOTE: This module will not display a 'personal' Facebook page... just a public access FAN PAGE!

General Settings

  • Facebook Fanpage URL name: Enter the 'Facebook Fanpage' you wish to display
  • Number of columns to display: Enter how many columns you wish to display
  • Display width percentage: Enter a value percent
  • Display header color: Select a header color you wish to display
  • Font Style: Select the font your wish to display
  • Display font size: Enter a pixel value
  • Display font color: Select the font color you wish to display
  • Background color: Select the background color you wish to display
  • Box background color: Select the grid box color you wish to display
  • Bottom margin" Enter a pixel value if needed

Advanced Settings (Joomla 2.5 Only)

  • Choose to load the jQuery Library script if it is not already loaded


Facebook Fan Page Demo