Age Checker - PRO

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Age Checker - PRO is a simple and stylish way to verify your visitors age before allowing them to see or view your site's content. It's primary function is to verify the visitors age input and if it meets the standard you established in the module settings, they'll gain access. If their input does not meet these standards, they will receive an error message. YES... visitors can lie about their age to gain access however, if they do so, you or your site's content can't be held liable. Having an 'age verification' system on your age specific website or page(s) is not required by USA law. The FTC is quoted in saying,

It also recommended that sites featuring content likely to have strong appeal to minors, or that permit alcohol purchases online, consider use of age-verification technologies

PLEASE NOTE: Neither I or this extension are lawyers. Before using Age Checker - PRO as a content deterrent, please check your local laws. Age Checker - PRO is offered FREE of charge and without warranty. The use of this extension is solely the choice of the end installable user and this extension's author, developer, distributor and/or it's distribution channels can not be held liable or legally responsibile for any use or misuse of this extension.

Change log:
Version: 1.0.3-PRO - Initial release

Module Settings:

  • Min age requirement: Type in the minimum age required to access URL page. The code will do the math!
  • URL redirect: Type in the URL page to show after verification. It is strongly recommended that you use a URL in this field. Even if you are allowing the visitor to stay on the current page after successful verification for SEO rankings.
  • Window redirect: Select to open verification page in same or new browser page.
  • Custom title: Type in your Age Checker title. Option supports basic HTML tage for styling.
  • Custom body copy: Type in your Age Checker body copy that will apear under title. Option supports basic HTML tage for styling.
  • Custom success copy: Type in your Age Checker success copy that will apear after successful verification. Option supports basic HTML tage for styling.
  • Background container color: Click to select the background color for both custom & success containers.
  • Opacity background: Select how dark you want the background overlay to be.
  • Success screen delay: Type in a timed value that will hold open the success container onto the screen. The higher the value the longer the success container will display.


If you have any suggestions or problems shoot me an Email or poke me on Twitter.

To Use: First, download & install into Joomla 3. After installation go into the module and adjust the settings to your needs. Finally, assign this module to an active module position that your template supports, assign it to a menu(s) of your choice, set Show Title to NO and publish. DONE!

The HTML tags used to create the demo screens is:
Title: <h3><b>Age Verification</b></h3>
Body copy: This Website requires you to be <span style="color:#ff0000; font-weight:700">1</span> years or older to enter. Please enter your Date of Birth in the fields below in order to continue

The HTML tage used to create this screen is:
Success screen: <h3><b>Success!</b></h3><p>You are being redirected to see the <b>GOOD STUFF!</b>