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    ResponsivePhotoGalleryv2.9.7 Joomla 3.x NEWEST RELEASE!

    Responsive Photo Gallery for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x. Create stunning eye catching photo galleries in a simple and easy 'responsive' way. Responsive Photo Gallery will self adjust to whatever browser or screen size your viewing from. When viewing from a smartphone or a touch pad, you'll love it's finger swipe navigation ability on both the carousel and the main photo. There are only a few module options to set because the power is in the code! Responsive Photo Gallery uses the power of the jQuery Library Script* (version 1.7.x or newer), a few supporting jQuery scripts and some basic code as its backbone.

    Responsive Photo Gallery has been tested to be compatible with IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Smartphone and Touch Pad browsers.

    UPGRADE:  v2.9.7 (for Joomla 3.x only ) Added option to override some abrasive template frameworks. If your thumbnails are 'stacked' on the far left side, set the new option 'Activate template override' to Yes.

    UPGRADE:  v2.9.6 (for Joomla 3.x only ) Fixed issue with Flickr photo descriptions when used.

    UPGRADE:  v2.9.5 (for Joomla 3.x only ) Fixed issue with some 'all caps' file extensions not showing in Joomla Folder Plus.

    UPGRADE:  v2.9.4 (for Joomla 3.x only ) Patched this release to fix a small bug. If you are using this release, please re-download/install. Thanks @DrummerCafe and sorry!

    UPGRADE:  v2.9.4 (for Joomla 3.x only ) Fix CSS issues with newer versions of the Firefox browser.

    UPGRADE:  v2.9.3 (for Joomla 3.x only ) Fix the thumbnail ratio sizing issue for Joomla Folder Plus & Joomla Picture Gallery options.

    UPGRADE:  v2.9.2 (for Joomla 3.x only ) Bug fixes in the Flickr, Picasa & Picture Gallery options. Please upgrade... SORRY!

    UPGRADE:  v2.9.1 (for Joomla 3.x only ) Now you can create a CUSTOM STYLE for Responsive Photo Gallery or continue to choose either the Dark or Light pre-set styles. Choose to display thumbnails above or below your main photo container totally independent of one another or choose not to display the thumbnails at all.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you are upgrading from an older Joomla 3.x version, some of your existing settings will have to be re-assigned manually. With this release the old Joomla folder feature has been replaced with Joomla Folder Plus introduced in v2.9.0. This is one setting you will need to re-assign if you are currently using the old Joomla Folder to get your photos from.

    UPGRADE:  v2.9.0 (for Joomla 3.x only ) added a new module option called Joomla Folder Plus. This option will allow you to pull your photos from a Joomla images folder and gives you the ability to add a custom title & description for each photo. In addition you can re-edit a photos title & description, delete the photo, set a custom thumbnail height/width pixel ratio and SORT any and all of your photos via 'drag & drop'.

    UPGRADE: v2.8.2 to the newest Flickr API requirements.

    UPGRADE: v2.8.1 to fix a script conflict with the Fancybox lightbox feature. If you use another extension that uses the Fancybox lightbox effect, you will want to upgrade to this version.

    UPGRADE: v2.8.0 added a custom 'Build your Own' gallery that supports up to 30 photos. Also added the ability to render photos from Picasa Albums (Google+). Version 2.8.0 is a major upgrade release... please upgrade!

    UPGRADE: v2.7.0 added Fancybox2 lightbox effect for the main photo. Added a max-width/max-height main photo feature. All new and greatly improved 'Auto Play' code. Added a 'Play' & 'Pause' icon when using the 'Auto Play' feature. Version 2.7.0 is a major upgrade release... please upgrade!

    Bug Fix: v2.6.2 Fixed a minor issue when show titles are set to 'No' in some templates. Please upgrade to this latest release just to be safe!

    UPGRADE: v2.6.0 added an 'auto photo scroller' and 'timer' along with a 'show/hide' Joomla & Flickr photo titles option. Fixed the Joomla 'folder selector' when installed on a localserve using Joomla 3.x. Recommend upgrade

    * With Joomla 3.x there is no longer a need to worry about loading jQuery... It's built into the framework!

    DOWNLOAD: Joomla2.5 Badge Joomla3 Badge


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