The demo below is pulling in photos from a Flickr Photoset. The settings being used are, Basic No Box option, zero (0) left/right & top/bottom offset margins (allowing the photos to touch one another in a cluster effect), globel grayscale has been turned on and the layout is set to show four (4) photos across (monitor display). The Show title & Show description have been turned off and nothing was entered for the bottom credit tag. This layout gives your photo gallery a unique and clean viewing style. By hovering over a photo it will covert the photo from grayscale to color and since the lightbox effect is turned on, a magnifying glass icon will apear indicating that the photo can be viewed in the responsive Fancybox2 lightbox. As part of the lightbox options, the title used within the Flickr Photoset will display along with a photo download button. The final and very important option being used is the Flickr cache option set to Yes.

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GalleryAholic - Flickr Photoset Demo